Questions you need answer before choosing work in police

What level of qualification is required?

How much is profitable the work in criminology?

Criminology, as well as criminal justice, is a very interesting field of activity and worthy of attention. If you decide you want to link your fate with this sphere, we suggest you first think carefully. After all, there are some nuances in this area, which you may not know, but you should know. So, in this article we will give examples of basic questions that you should answer before making a final decision.
If you are young and just graduated high school or college and crave adventure; if you are already aged, but want a new experience, work in criminology or criminal justice is for you. But keep in mind that regardless of your age, you always have costs and have bills to pay. It is important to know, that a career in the criminal case and criminology offers a modest salary, so you should calculate whether it will be enough for you to lead normal life.

What level of qualification is required?

Depending on what exactly you want to do, you may need additional qualification or education. For example, a career in forensic science requires knowledge in the field of medicine, anatomy, etc. So before you choose a specific area of criminology, analyze, whether you are qualified enough to do this.

Is there an age limit to work in criminology?

As in many other areas, in criminology and criminal proceedings for some specialties there is age restrictions. So before you throw your current job and apply to law enforcement authorities, specify information about the age. Check out all the requirements, and if your age is not a hindrance, forward to new achievements.

Are you ready to move?

In the US, most people prefer to live in rented apartments and houses, and this is a big advantage when there is a good job with decent pay in another city or state. It is important to know that the work in the law enforcement agencies often requires relocation, such as patrol career, for example. You can go to any of the places where your jurisdiction is represented. Therefore, if you are not willing to part with the usual housing for you, you should reconsider your intentions.

Is there any requirement for physical fitness?

As a work in forensic medicine requires special knowledge and some criminal justice requires a good physical fitness. If you decide to work in Department for Combating Terrorism or another special unit, then you should be prepared to be tested for physical fitness, which will determine your fitness for the job. So if your health is not perfect, you with criminology are on different ways.

Do I need experience?

If you are sufficiently educated and healthy, do not hurry to part with your current job. As experience in the civilian world may not be enough to work in criminology. If so, then you can get the necessary experience through volunteer or apprentice. But remember that you will not get any salary for the execution of this work. So ask if they need the experience and then think about what to do next.

Do you have any skeletons in the closet?

Work in Criminal Justice gives you access to differentinformation, including personal one. Many positions require careful check of applicants. So if there is something that you do not want to submit for review by the public, then you should reconsider your wishes about working in police.

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