Basic Criteria for Service in the Police

Requirements for potential police officer

Who can become a police officer?

It may seem that a police officer is not so difficult job and everyone can become a police officer. Before you choose a career policeman you should think a lot about that and you should answer some questions. For example, can this be true profession career for you? Or, are you ready to cope with almost daily emotional and physical shocks? Or, is there enough of your qualifications to become a police officer? If the answers to these questions are positive, then do not hesitate and fill out application to be a police officer.

Requirements for potential police officer

It is important to know that there is not enough to have only desire to be a policeman. In the US, there are certain requirements for potential employees, and each state sets its own rules for admission to employment. In order to better understand whether the persons are well prepared to carry out their duties, there is also necessary training at the Police Academy.
People, who hold positions police officers, have access to large amounts of personal information, have the right to make arrests and use of force. Therefore, it is important for public to know that these people are credible and the information will be used for official purposes only. For determining the personal and professional characteristics of potential police officers, special agencies are developing a variety of tests and inspections.
As we have said, each state has its own requirements to police officer, but there are general rules for all states. So, if you want to be a police officer in the USA, you should be familiar with the following list.
1. Requirements to the age of 19 to 21 years, depending on the state.
2. Presence of US citizenship
3. Education is not below the average
4. Previous military service or experience of similar work is encouraged
5. Driving license
6. Do not have a criminal history
7. Have high moral principles
8. Be physically prepared
9. Be fluent in the English language

How can I determine whether I am suitable to serve in the police?

You can determine for yourself whether you are suitable to serve in the police, only according to some requirements, such as age or the presence of a driver's license. If you are too young or too old, you are unfit to serve in the police. If you do not have a driver's license, you also take over the police force.As we said in a previous article, there are requirements for physical health and your morals. In this case, we will not do anything without specialists. To understand how well you are prepared physically, you need to be tested by a doctor, who must give an opinion that you haven’t contraindications to work in the police. And also you have to pass physical tests that will determine how much you are resistant to physical load.
What about regard to moral standards and principles, you will be first tested for the existence in your past criminal history, credit history. If you have a criminal record or you were suspected in committing an offense, but your guilt was not proven, you can not apply for the position of police. If you have had problems with the banks because of the outstanding loans, the police is not for you. Also you can be checked on a lie detector for a final decision.

What to do if you were refused in a police post?

As we have seen, to serve in the police you should approach all the criteria. If you do not match at least one of the criteria, do not despair. You can find work in a detective agency, for example, or in a law office. And your life will be associated with investigations and adventures, which you dreamed.

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