Countries where Police don't Carry Weapons

Police and weapons in United Kingdom

Always do the police carry guns?

For us it is not news that in the USA it is very difficult to find a police officer without a weapon at his hip. And the police have the right to use it for suppression criminals. But what is surprising, there are countries where a firearm is not an attribute of the police. Basically, it refers to the continental countries. In this article, we will tell you about these countries. But immediately warn that this is not a complete list of countries where the police do not carry guns.

Police and weapons in United Kingdom

If you have been in the UK, you probably heard how the British police are called English "Bobbies". Ancestor of this name was the British statesman Sir Robert Peel, who in the course of his career, also worked in the field of criminal law and founded a municipal police. In honor of Sir Robert London police is called "Bobbies". But we have digressed from the main topic. In the United Kingdom of Great Britain only in Northern Ireland police carry guns while on patrol. But this does not mean that the British police are vulnerable in difficult situations. They are equipped with other electronic gadgets that help them to carry out their duties, such as baton, pepper spray and handcuffs. But the most important thing is that in the case of a deadly threat to the aid of the police come squads who have been specially trained to use of firearms and are ready for any situation.

Police and weapons in Norway

In Norway, police patrolling the streets may have a weapon, but you will not see it on the belt. The police in Norway keep guns unloaded and sealed in a patrol car or locked up at a station armory. In order to use the weapons in an emergency, the police must obtain permission from their superiors..

Police and weapons in Ireland

In Ireland, the police can be divided into two categories: An Garda Síochána (Guardians of the Peace) and members of Special Forces. Staff members of Guardians of the Peace wear police uniforms, but do not wear firearms and are not allowed to use it in any case.
But the members of the Special Forces who are struggling with terrorism and respond to emergencies, of course, use a firearm. They do not wear regular uniforms to avoid confusion with the usual patrol.

Police and weapons in Iceland

In Iceland, as well as in Norway, the police keep their weapons in patrol cars or special armory. But there is an important difference between the Icelandic police and unarmed police of Great Britain and Ireland. In this country, absolutely allpolice officers are trained to use firearms. And in the case of emergencies can fight back criminals.

Police and weapons in New Zealand

In New Zealand, you will see the weapons only at staff dignitary protection units and airport security. But ordinary patrol do not carry weapons, moreover, they do not even keep it in cars. To respond to emergencies there are created special Armed Offender Units. As we said, the patrols do not wear weapons, but the officers with higher ranks and heads of departments may have weapons, but securely locked gun cabinets in their patrol vehicles and with the permission of use in emergency situations.

What unites all of the police?

Of course, an important attribute of police is weapons, but it is important to know more. With or without a weapon, police of all countries have one thing in common - loyalty to the country and the protection of the population in all situations. After all, it is the primary duty of all police officers. So if you have the desire to serve Themis and remain calm in your country or any other country, you will always be welcome.


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