Choice of policeman: arrest or help for offenders

Wonderful homecoming

Amazing action ordinary policeman

Nowadays, unfortunately, there is very little trust to the police It is general opinionthat in police work only corrupts. But in fact, most of the officers, it's really the people who want to help the community. In our articles we will present examples from real life, when the police, not in words, but indeed help people. Let's start with the Police Officer Ben Hall, who instead fined, returned faith in the people to ordinary mother. The officer received a call from a passing motorist that a certain woman was carrying a child in a car without a booster seat. Upon arrival, he did something that surprised everyone. He talked with the woman and found out that she simply cannot afford to buy booster seat, because she had a very difficult financial situation. So, instead of a fine, the officer just bought her booster seat, without taking anything in return.

Wonderful homecoming

Here is another case which deserves to be told. Police Officer Gaetano Acerra responded to the call, where it was reported that the teenager ran away from home. He found him and talk a little bit, and then back him home. And what was his surprise when he saw the room of the child. He slept on an air mattress. And this is all that the boyhad in private use. Bed or any other furniture was not there. Heart of the police could not stand such injustice, and he and his brother helped realize the smallest child's dream. They bought for him furniture, bed, TV and even a video game console.

Story of Officer Derek Pratico

Officer Derek Pratico responded to a call about the theft of the vehicle. The owner was a young woman who was upset not so much the loss of a car as the loss of a gift for her son's birthday. It turned out that she simply did not have the money to buy something in return, and, of course, she did not want to upset her son. Derek Pratico acted like a real man. He bought a gift for his own money, not to spoil the holiday. And in addition, he bought a gift certificate for distressed woman.

A pair of shoes from a police Corporal OE Smith

Corporal O.E. Smith received a call in one of the small shops of the city where security has noticed a woman steals shoes and clothes. The first thing that made the officer found out why a decent-looking woman was engaged in theft. It turned out that she was the victim of street thieves. And, to her great shame and regret, she simply has not possibility to buy things first necessity. As it turned out, the police officers can be very human and understanding. Corporal O.E. Smith bought the woman a pair of shoes, which she tried to steal. The news of this actionspread around the police station. And there are even began to joke, if you are in a difficult situation, do not worry, refer to Corporal O.E. Smith, he will solve all your problems.

Arrest or a basket of eggs

Here's another interesting incident that occurred at the grocery store. The woman was going to buy a dozen eggs, but the money she had only half enough. So she decided to take the risk for the sake of their children, and five eggs laid in his pocket. Vigilant Guard store did not leave it unattended and, of course, called the police. Officer William Stacy arrived on the scene and the first thing talked with the woman to find out the reasons for this behavior. Then he spoke with the store manager and found out that he does not want to apply to the police. In this case, the woman has already expected to receive punishment for her actions. What her surprise was when the officer came to her not with handcuffs and with a basket of eggs.
By these examples, we wanted to show that in the police are working very different people, but most importantly, that kindness and humanity is at each of them


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