Most common New Year's offences

Carsstealing and thefts from cars in the New Year's Eve

Violation - driving a vehicle while intoxicated

Christmas and New Year is a great excuse to have fun, meet friends and relax. But for criminals this is time when they can cash in well. Very often the perpetrators of violations are ordinary citizens who have touched alcohol. In this article we review the main violations and crimes occur during the Christmas holidays.
It's no secret that New Year's Eve is one of the most enjoyable events, which implies good fun and, of course, alcohol. But like any other holiday, New Year's Eve ever coming to end and it is time for noisy companies begin to disperse to their homes. Nice to know that most people prefer to use public transportation or a taxi, but there are daredevils who sit behind the wheel of their own car. A drunk driver is, unfortunately, one of the most frequent disorders, which often leads to a fatal accident

Carsstealing and thefts from cars in the New Year's Eve

According to statistics of insurance companies, in New Year's Eve the risk of losing the vehicle or any of its parts (wheels, radio, etc.) is growing. This night car thieves do not celebrate, they work. If you went to a restaurant on the car, and returned home by taxi, your car will be a good target for criminals. Also, after the New Year's Eve car thieves have the whole day to work until all are sleep off.

Assault and battery on the basis of drunkenness

Rare person does not drink for the New Year. But there are people who do not know the steps and drink to the last. In these companies an intimate conversation turn into explanation of relations usually and as a consequence quarrels and fights start. Police received a huge number of calls, which are due to domestic quarrels on the basis of alcoholism. Also, explanation of the relationship between complete strangers or companies can becomethe cause of calling to police After all, when a person is drunken even ordinary sight or speech, as he may deem offensive, enough to anger.

Pickpocketing, robbery homes

As a rule, on New Year eve, people gather not only at home or in restaurants. But come to the central parks and squares to feel the mood of others and just have fun. And there are areas for pickpockets to work out, because they can merge with the crowd and become invisible. Their purpose is everything from purses and documents and ending jewels. We want to give one piece of advice. Leaving your home in the New Year's Eve, do not forget to activate the alarm system, otherwise your house will be a good target for a burglar who does not disdain. They will try to take the most expensive items and equipment.

Hooliganism on the basis of drunkenness

Hooliganism on the basis drunkenness can be attributed to a New Year's violations. Many people hate the New Year holidays. For example, those who consider themselves offended by life. Those, who envy to more successful buddies or friends. Those, who are too lazy to do anything to change their lives for the better. Being in drunk, they are ready to spoil the mood and ruin the fun of the holiday all around. Such behavior is called hooliganism and public disorder by police. And, as a rule, the punishment for hooligans is inevitable.

Sexual crimes

As with any normal day, and on New Year eve, alcohol becomes the main cause of all violations and crimes. Number of sexual violence and assaults is increased in New Year's Eve many times over. Therefore, we want to warn you to avoid the terrible shock, you should be close friends or relatives. Do not stay alone, especially in unfamiliar places.

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