Law enforcement and police: are there any differences?

The concept of police work

The concept of law enforcement agencies

If you decide to link your life with the criminal justice system, then you should know that the term law enforcement agencies and the police are two completely different concepts, although for average person the difference between these concepts is not clear. In this article we will try to tell, what the difference is.The basic concept of law enforcement is strict adherence to the letter of the law. For example, the procedure of arrest is a clear sequence of actions, which is repeated from time to time: rights are read and arrest is made. If there is some resistance, the force is applied. Law enforcement officers do not care about the causes of what is happening. The work of law enforcement is the most reliable and effective way to maintain order. Although there is one drawback, we mean, responding to a crime immediately without finding out any reason why that was happened.

The concept of police work

Although the police is part of the justice system, but there is different from the work of law enforcement agencies. The fight against crime is the main task of police. But theyuse another approach: first, they need to understand the problem, and then find out the causes of what is happening, talk to people. Police usually cooperates with all stakeholders. We can say that the police perform a social function, which should reduce crime and improve the quality of life.

The main difference Police from Law Enforcement

Of course, to average citizen is very difficult to understand the difference between law enforcement agencies and the police. To help you understand this difference, we will tell the next. Law enforcement agencies require from us comply all regulations, but the police ask us about voluntary execution. But when criminals refuse of voluntary compliance with police regulations, law enforcement agencies come into play. That is, we can say that the law enforcement agency is one of the tools of the police, which is used in this particular situation.

Whose principles of crime control public prefers?

Recently, in many countries, especially in the United States, the principles of law enforcement agencies are increasingly are used; a holistic approach to solving the problem is disappearing. This leads to the fact that the gap between the police and the wider public, which prefers together with the police to fight crime, is growing. After all, public participation is very often helps to quickly resolve the problem. But the application of methods of fighting only in accordance with the "letter of the law" reduces the level of trust and to the police, and to the Criminal Justice in general.

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